Bedford Business Boot Camp

Turning your brilliant business idea into reality.

Bedford Business Boot Camp is a nine-week class that will introduce entrepreneurs to the concepts, practices, and tools necessary for business success. The curriculum is specifically focused on an overview of all aspects of business to provide the best possible view for the business owner. The curriculum utilizes GrowthWheel to be the vehicle by which the business owner discovers the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in their business, industry, and market.

The design facilitates discussion within the allotted classroom time and significant personal and professional discovery through the Homework and Activities that are to be completed between each class. The curriculum encourages exploration, experimentation, decision making, and action steps.

Classes will start on August 24th and finish up October 26th!

View the press release here: Bedford Main Street to launch second Business Bootcamp in August


Learn about….

Business Plans

Get an introduction to entrepreneurship and a look at types of businesses that are trending, and how creating a business plan is critical.

Business Law

Learn about the types of legal business structures,  professional relationships, licensing and government regulations, and a discussion on management and staffing.


Understand how to effectively use available tools, tips, and tricks of the trade to influence direct and indirect interactions with customers.


Knowing how to decipher financial documents, accurately report your operations, secure funding and investments, and knowing your own credit history is critical to the success of business.

View the informational packet here: BMS Bootcamp informational packet

What will the classes be like?

Each class will follow the same basic pattern. A set of interrelated topics will be led by the facilitators with the group. A guest speaker who has expertise in one or more of the topics will speak to the group to encourage them and provide specific insights. The facilitators will guide the group through the application of their new knowledge by completing a selected GrowthWheel worksheet for a developed case study business that will be utilized throughout the curriculum. Between classes each business owner will be responsible for competing several Homework assignments as well as one to two activities. The Homework assignments are GrowthWheel worksheets chosen for their relevance to the topics. The Activities will vary in scope but are designed to foster interaction with the business owner and the public, possible customers or suppliers, and other business owners around the topics discussed in class.

In the end….

At the conclusion of the curriculum the business owner will have completed a resource notebook filled with GrowthWheel worksheets, business specific interviews, market and industry reports, and listings of local and state resources. This notebook will be indispensable in the growth of the business as it constructs loan packages, explores investment opportunities, and creates a positive business culture within the organization and the community.


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Bedford Business Bootcamp Application 2017

Important dates to remember:

-Monday, May 22, 2017: BMS Bootcamp Stakeholder meeting
This event is meant to create excitement and spread awareness about this year’s bootcamp program! If you’re interested in attending, please click here. Seating is limited, so sign up now!

-Wednesday, July 26, 2017: BMS Bootcamp informational night
This event is for entrepreneurs interested in participating! You’ll have the opportunity to hear details about the program and ask any lingering questions about signing up. The event will be held at the Town Council Chambers at the Town Municipal Building, 215 E. Main Street, Bedford at 6 p.m.


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