Bedford Business Bootcamp

April Schedule:

April 7: “Introduction to Small Business and Business Plan Overview”

April 14: “Credit: How Do YOU Score, and How Can You Build It?”

April 20: “Financials: The Foundations for Success – Part 1”

April 27: “Financials: The Foundations for Success – Part 2”

May 4: “Legals: The Foundations for Success”

May 11: “Marketing, Public Relations, and Advertising – Part 1”

May 18: “Marketing, Public Relations, and Advertising – Part 2”

May 25: Class Presentations and Graduation



It’s Your Turn!

Bedford Business Boot Camp is an eight-week class that will introduce entrepreneurs to the concepts, practices, and tools necessary for business success. The evening classes will be held 6 pm, every Wednesday, starting in April. Eligible participants will be considered for a $5,000 grant at the conclusion!

Learn about….

Get an introduction to entrepreneurship and a look at types of businesses that are trending, and how creating a business plan is critical.



Learn about the types of legal business structures,  professional relationships, licensing and government regulations, and a discussion on management and staffingg


Understand how to effectively use available tools, tips, and tricks of the trade to influence direct and indirect interactions with customers.




Knowing how to decipher financial documents, accurately report your operations, secure funding and investments, and knowing your own credit history is critical to the success of business.


It’s Your Time

Don’t waste another day…..these free classes are being are facilitated by experts in the fields of study. They want to help you make your idea a reality.

It’s Your Money

Think Shark Tank! At the end of the 8 week course, you could win a $5,000 utilities grant to help start your business.

Your Chance is NOW!

Classes are offered weekly on Wednesdays, starting in April!


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