Rules and Regulations

Bedford Christmas Parade

Saturday December 3rd @ 11:00 a.m.

Raindate: Sunday December 4th at 4:00 PM

Sponsored by Bedford Main Street, Inc.

Theme: “A Bedford Christmas”

  • All entries must be decorated
  • Santa: Please do not use a Santa Claus in your entry since an “official” Santa will arrive at the end of the parade
  • Your Number will be provided on a 8.5”x11” placard for you to place on the LEFT side of your entry. Be sure all participants know this number.
  • Arrival time: Please arrive according to the time assigned to your placement.
  • Line up area: ENTER from Bedford Avenue at the Health Department and EXIT at College Street & Peaks Street. NO PARKING in the line-up area.
  • Animals will be located in the grass at the Rec. Field and in the Health Dept. Parking Lot
  • Fire & Rescue: please be careful with sirens near the horses and between buildings. You may exit the parade line at 4th & West Main Streets if you wish
  • Bands: All school buses will be parked on Mountain Avenue, not in the parade route (there is not enough room). Please perform throughout the parade so that all viewers can enjoy your music.
  • Judging will be in front of the Bedford County Courthouse Building on East Main Street.  Judges will view your presentation and judge at that location.  This will be your opportunity!
  • Spacing: Stay on the center line of the street and no less than 20 feet from the entry in front of you.
  • All Equestrians will be placed at the end of the parade. Please utilize Bumbags for your animals.
  • Note to entries over 10 feet tall: special arrangements must be made by calling 540-586-2148
  • Parade Route: College Street, right onto Peaks Street, right onto North Bridge Street, left onto East Main Street, right on South Street, right on Washington Street, right on Center Street, left on West Main Street, right on 4th Street, left on to Macon Street and Right on to Summit Street. All marching bands and all equestrians can continue to Bedford Avenue.
  • Disband at the top parking lot in the Westgate Shopping Center in front of the old Winn-Dixie Building. To pick up participants, Enter at Blue Ridge Avenue into Westgate Shopping Center at the Carter Bank and Trust. Participants will enter the disbanding location by turning right onto 4th Street, left onto Macon St, left onto Summit St. and right into the Winn Dixie parking area.
  • PLEASE CARPOOL as much as possible. Last year, some floats were unable to report on time because of the heavy traffic caused by cars dropping off one or two parade participants. Please do your best to coordinate carpools ahead of time…this will help everyone.
  • No gun fire allowed. Also, DO NOT THROW CANDY AT THE CROWDS. You may walk beside your float and pass out candy.
  • Restrooms are located at the Rec. Field and the Farmers Market.