Market Research

LCIn partnership with Lynchburg College, Bedford Main Street will be conducting a market research study for the historic Centertown district. Dr. Joseph Turek, PhD, Dean of the School of Business and Economics and his team of students will be designing and conducting several surveys to capture data to help businesses understand their trade area to improve sales; to explore business development opportunities; and to demonstrate the economic importance of downtown.

Market Data – Why Collect It?

Collecting information on customers is critical to determining and ultimately meeting their needs. Downtown districts are no different and Bedford Main Street’s goal is to identify the needs of our residents and visitors, create a clear and compelling marketing message for Centertown, identify improvements for a our “product” and, gain perspective on how we as a community can grow to meet the needs of a diverse and consumer.

Market Data – How Will We Collect It?

They surveys will target Centertown employees to identify their spending habits and behaviors while in the district for work and local businesses on their current market studies and how they reach customers.

Next Steps

In the next several weeks, you may expect a visit from Dr. Turek and/or his team. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. If you receive an email or call from us about the research study, please make every effort to participate. In May, the team will compile their data and provide a comprehensive report.