Farmers Market

2018 Season            

The purpose of the Bedford Farmers’ Market, is to provide our community with the freshest, locally grown and produced goods from farmers, producers and craft vendors. We support local agriculture and producers by providing a direct market for their products to our community.

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The Bedford Farmers Market 2018 season will begin in May of 2018 and will be located at the Bedford Centertown location.

This is a multi-partner community effort. Involved are the Bedford Area Family YMCA (managers), members of the Bedford community, Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Town of Bedford.


FRESHNESS – At the farmers market you will be purchasing food that is fresh and recently picked, SNAP (2)sometimes even that day

NUTRITION – Produce that is allowed to fully ripen before being picked and purchased within a short time from harvest is much more nutrient rich

VARIETY – Farmers markets can offer produce that regular supermarkets cannot provide

COMMUNITY – Farmers often support local businesses and create jobs in our community. Supporting these farmers helps our local economy to thrive.

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Vendor Opportunities

If you are interested in being a vendor during our 2018 season, contact the Farmers Market Manager at the Bedford YMCA  540-586-3483. To register as a vendor in 2018, click here

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