Flower Fundraisers


Bedford Blooms is a project to beautify the Centertown

Bedford area.  Two essential elements of the project are fundraising and project coordination. Community fundraising supports the cost of purchasing baskets, brackets, and planting materials. Project Coordination is creating a plan to keep the baskets watered during the host summer days! The hanging baskets for the 2016 Summer season will decorate light poles locations around the Centertown area.

Bedford Blooms is organized by volunteers of Bedford Main Street, in partnership with local merchants, residents, organizations, and the Town. Bedford Main Street works to enhance,
promote and preserve the vitality and economic vitality of Bedford.

Flower Baskets cost $50 each and you may donate as a celebration of life, a birthday, anniversary, or simply because you want to help beautify the Centertown area. They are watered every day by volunteers.


All donations will be recognized on this page as they come in.

Bedford Blooms Donations (as of 7/31)

  • Mayor Jim Vest
  • Arthur’s Jewelry
  • The Jim Messier Family
  • The John Messier Family
  • The Smith Family
  • Mike and Patsy Rieley

All flowers and plants are prepared by our partnering sponsor: