Hopes for the Coca-Cola Ghost Mural Restoration

What is a Ghost Mural?


If you’ve ever been at the intersection of Depot and North Bridge Street, I’m sure you’ve noticed the old, faded Coca-Cola sign.  Although half of it is painted over with another mural, the character and beauty of the original painting still is visible.

Many years ago, Coca-Cola, along with other companies, used the sides of the buildings as advertisements for their products.  Think of it as a historical billboard.  This mural, that advertises soda for 5 cents, reminds us of a simpler time.

Bedford Main Street has been working to gain approval from Coca-Cola to have this part of our town’s history restored to her former glory.  We were denied the request in 2016, but have recently reopened discussion once again with Coca-Cola.  Where we stand as of March 2018, they are looking into possibly having it restored early 2019.  We will keep the community updated since so many of you have been vital in our efforts with support and helping to gain interest.

Here are a few links of interviews that have been done recently.