2017 Beautification Projects

In 2017, Bedford Main Street will be focusing on the following beautification initiatives:

page01Bedford Blooms Now’s your chance to purchase flowers for your loved one and have them beautify town all summer long! Flower Baskets cost $35 each and you may donate as a celebration of life, a birthday, anniversary, or simply because you want to help beautify the Centertown area. They are watered every day by volunteers.

All flowers and plants are prepared by our partnering sponsor:


New Banners Two new banners will be gracing the light poles this year. The first is part of our Bedford Remembers campaign and will incorporate that historical reference. These banners will likely fly during Memorial Day and D-Day holidays and commemorations. banner

The second is a new program to engage the community and demonstrate our sense of community pride. There are nearly 100 light poles in the historic district and outfitting them all with banners would cost updwards of $10,000! Through this project, that cost is absorbed by businesses and organizations purchasing their own individual banner with their name on it. Each banner will share a common design (like the example) but will include a customizable section specifically for each business. Stay tune for more details to come!

Coke Mural In 2017, we are going to lead a letter-writing campaign Coca-Cola to petition them to rehabilitate the old Coke mural on the corner of W. Depot and S. Bridge.


From this…


to this!






If you’d like to write them and ask that they consider this project in 2017, send your letters to:

Emilie Nicholls
Communications Manager
Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated
4100 Coca-Cola Plaza
Charlotte, NC 28211


All flowers and plants are prepared by our partnering sponsor: