Beautifying Bedford

By Jim Messier

It is often said the heartbeat or character of any community is it’s downtown district. Centertown Bedford has been the heart and soul of Bedford County Virginia for centuries. We live up to our designation as the Christmas Capital of Virginia every year with our incredible Christmas decorations, horse and buggy rides and hot apple cider on Friday nights. As Spring is quickly giving way to summer we are working hard to bring that “All American Town” feel back to Centertown all year.

Many building owners have or are in the process of beautifying their buildings with remodeling and fresh paint.  We recently have had new businesses open and many more making preparations to open soon. The Town and County of Bedford have recently created  incentives to promote new businesses and expansions of existing businesses.   Bedford Main Street has partnered with the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Town of Bedford and the County of Bedford to establish a no interest loan fund available for Centertown businesses.

It should come as no surprise that community pride is contagious and necessary for a healthy community.  Tourism is very important for our local economy and we have one chance to make a first impression on our visitors.  How many people do we know who have become residents of Bedford because they fell in love with the town and her people.Flag image

Among the many wonderful things that are currently going on, Bedford Main Street has initiated two programs that will have an immediate impact to beautify and unify the Centertown district.  Bedford Remembers introduces individual garden flags featuring the Overlord arch and a Centertown street scape. The flags are available for purchase at many Centertown businesses or here for $25.00, the proceeds of which will purchase large industrial grade banners which will grace the Centertown street lamps trough out Memorial Day and D-Day each year. We believe this will have an amazing visual impact and our hope is to have them ready to go in a few weeks.

page01The second program we are rolling out is Bedford Blooms.  You have probably seen the few beautiful flower baskets that graced North Bridge Street the past couple of years.  Bedford Main Street’s hope is to launch the hanging baskets all through the Centertown District this spring and summer.  We are working with local nursery, Wippledale Farms to provide the baskets, flowering plants and mounting hardware.  We are asking for your support to make this a reality this year. We are budgeting $50.00 for each basket. We will accept any amount to support this program and will start hanging the baskets shortly.

Thank you very much for your continued support of the Bedford Main Street program and doing your part to help us continue as the World’s Best Little Town.