A New Season

You can’t help thinking about new life in Spring. It is the essence of the season, as nature literally buds around us. Whether it’s the flowers getting ready to bloom, or brown pastures that have seemingly all of a sudden turned green again. It’s all around us, and as a community, Bedford is no different.  

Lately, I’ve heard the word Renaissance used to describe Bedford. flower

Merriam-Webster defines Renaissance as:

  • : a situation or period of time when there is a new interest in something

  • : a period of new growth or activity

That sounds about right…new growth, new activity, new interest. As a town, we are seeing this new interest everywhere and as a community organization, Bedford Main Street is working to harness that interest and use that energy to continue to revitalize the Centertown area.

Will you join us? Come visit us in Centertown and let’s bloom together!