Welcome Happy Coffee!

Bedford will have a new coffee place in April! A big welcome to Louis and the team at Happy Coffee, a premium Espresso Bar & Bistro. They are coming all the way from Central America to our little town!

A message from Louis and Jimmy:

So it begins, future customers, friends, family. HappyCoffee is a dream that started in Central America in 2013. We had a lavish success with our hard work, hand crafted desserts, espresso drinks and drip coffee. We are an awesome coffee shop, with awesome products and awesome prices. We are open late, 24 hours on weekends. You can come hang out, play board games, use our WiFi and just be happy! We are delighted to bring this to Bedford, VA. We want to be the place that is cool for you to hang, the place you get your morning cup, your late night craving or where you come when you just need to -talk-. We handle it all, breakups, bad days — we will take you from anywhere to happy one cup at a time. 

Like us, share us, follow us, HELP US bring something great to you. We will be posting daily pictures of our products from Central America, the same products we will offer here with 100% organic, fresh grown ingredients (coffee is imported, everything else local).

Thank you,
Louis & Jimmy