New Projects Underway

Brian Schley

The Design Committee has been working hard at moving projects forward. One of those projects is the partnership that Bedford Main Street Inc. and the D-Day Foundation will be forming to develop a plan that will help capture the town’s historical significance in relation to WWII. The design of patriotic pole banners for the town will be completed shortly. The yard flag campaign will be launched soon that will incorporate the same design as the town’s new patriotic pole banners. Those flags can be purchased and displayed on your lawn to show your support for “Remembering Bedford”. These are just a few things already in the works and many more projects are beginning to take shape that will help educate and promote patriotism within our community.

The Design Committee is also in the process of providing facade sketches of three existing buildings in the town that will be unveiled during the Property Owners Meeting on June the 18th. These sketches will help illustrate how a building’s façade can entice new small businesses and encourage economic growth. If you currently own a commercial building and want to see how your building could look, please contact Amanda Adams ( and we can set up a design session.

The last thing we are currently working on is developing a building expo for our building owners. We are looking at having this event in January or February of 2016. If you want more information or would like to be a part of this expo please contact us.

A meeting or two please contact Bryan at