We call it Centertown because it is in the Center of the Town, but Bedford is also the geographic gateway for the region and the junction between 4 major roads – US 460 and State Rts 43, 122, and 221. Whether people are traveling to the Blue Ridge Mountains, to Smith Mountain Lake, to Roanoke or to Lynchburg, people find themselves stopping in Bedford because we are at the center of it all. As a result, the town has evolved over time to be the center of activity for residents, as well as the traveling public.

Discover a vibrant community that offers something for everyone!

A Food Lover’s Paradise

Discover Centertown’s vibrant food scene, including top rated chefs, locally sourced menus, a growing food truck culture, and seasonal farmers market with the best the region has to offer.

A Vibrant Art Community

A vibrant group of artists, galleries, studios, and Artisan Trail sites have created a thriving art community. Downtown Bedford features 27 artisan trail participants, 6 art galleries/exhibition spaces (representing over 50 area artists), 4 significant historic or cultural tourist destinations, 16 working artisan studios and over a dozen places to dine or have a cup of coffee.  Currently, there are over 100 arts and culture events downtown each year. Make sure to come visit on a 2nd Friday when the art community comes alive with evening exhibits, performances, and specials.

Music and Live Performances

Bedford is one of the only towns of its size that hosts its own community orchestra and live theatre company!

  • Little Town Players was founded in 1975 and has presented over one hundred drama, musical, or comedy productions. In that time hundreds of volunteers have given thousands of hours to the organization to maintain a high level of theatrical excellence. 
  • The Bedford Community Orchestra was founded in  1989 and traditionally hosts two free concerts a year at the Bedford Middle School Auditorium in Bedford, and is also available for other performances throughout the year.
  • Clam Diggers Pub and Eatery hosts live music every weekend and covers everything from jazz to country. Its a great place to grab and beer, play some darts, and listen to the tunes on a Saturday night!


Bedford is over 250 years old and has played host to some of our nation’s most revered leaders and historical figures.

Can you answer these questions?

  • What US President made Bedford a weekend retreat?
  • What’s our connection to “Downtown Abbey”?
  • What famous horse and rider climbed the Peaks of Otter while visiting historic Avenel?