About The Historic district

Bedford has a distinct charm of a small town in America. It is an elegant place that is worth visiting, full of nice cultural and historic landmarks. Bedford was established in 1782 as town of Liberty, quickly becoming main seat of the county and main spot for production of tobacco, textile, corn, wool and rubber products. Big majority of structures in Bedford were built in the decade of late 1880s, right after the fire that devastated the city in 1884. Buildings and houses in Bedford are representatives of the Victorian era architecture. They have ornate windows, arches and attractive cornices. There are also many classical buildings in the historical district, showing off their beautiful design from the era when they were built.

Main Landmarks in the Historic District

            The entire historic district is full of nice places to see and visit. Walk around and explore some great things, while enjoying the sights of the beautiful Peaks of Otter in the behind. Centertown of Bedford is in the National Register of Historic Places in the United States and rightfully so. Check out the local City/County Museum, antique shops, or the unique Farmer`s Market.

            Every September there is a beautiful festival in the Historic District called Centerfest. Make sure you visit it to see what it is all about. Many buildings in the district have been renovated in the recent years, each and every one of them having a story to tell.

            There are two peaks rising from the amazing Blue Ridge Mountains, giving fantastic backdrop to the town of Bedford. The Flat Top and Sharp Top, along with Harkening Hill, should definitely be visited. They used to be a home of Native Americans in the old times and now they are very scenic places that must be seen. Peaks of Otter is a great place to check, offering dozens of wildflower walks, hiking trails, picnic areas, campgrounds and lodges. You can go on a guided tour to the Sharp Top or visit the amazing Johnson Farm, where you will get to taste the southern life on the mountains during the 19th century. Besides these, there are many other hidden gems just waiting to be explored.

            Bedford`s historic district is attractive for a reason and you must visit it in order to see what it is all about. You will certainly be impressed with the many great things that can be seen there.